Monday, July 18, 2011

Something that I have not learned at the gym...

And I'm very upset to not have discovered either this phenomenon or at least a reasonable explanation.

Every man should know about the concept of "shrinkage".  Actually every woman should know it too!  A man, gets into the water for a while, and the water, which doesn't even have to be very cold (just colder than human body temperature), causes his little friend to turn into Templeton the Timid Turtle. come when I visit the sauna, an environment completely opposite of the one that causes shrinkage, I don't experience any sort of expansion (extension, amplification??).  A dry, warmer than body temperature environment and...nothing.  This seems incredibly unfair.

In one situation we have a serious physiological reaction which could seriously hamper a forthwith social interaction.  Why can't we at least be able to make up for it with it's opposite.  I thought there was suppose to be some sort of equal and opposite reaction thing going on.  Could you imagine the spike in sales of home saunas if, upon exiting one, every male's member became Halstead the Hefty Horse!?